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karan borna sea

Company Profile

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Written by  Published in modules

Company Profile is....


Karan Borna Sea (KBS) group are include by specialist & thoroughbred


Crew & engineers with more than 20 years technical experts on marine,


 Offshore, shore Machinery & engines with worldwide upgrading   technology.


- Supplier & Service engineerily in;


- Any type of tools


-Marine & share Diesel engines (on any ranges)


- Hydraulic & pneumatic


-Sea water & special pumps & henges & valves


- Fresh water generator


- Boilers & pressure vessels


- Turbo systems with new technology


- Gel Diesel engine gas


- lashing materials with certificate                                 



Last modified on Saturday, 30 May 2015 05:41

CEO & Founder

Website: kbsgroups.com
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