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karan borna sea

Company Profile

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Company Profile is....


Karan Borna Sea (KBS) group are include by specialist & thoroughbred


Crew & engineers with more than 20 years technical experts on marine,


 Offshore, shore Machinery & engines with worldwide upgrading   technology.


- Supplier & Service engineerily in;


- Any type of tools


-Marine & share Diesel engines (on any ranges)


- Hydraulic & pneumatic


-Sea water & special pumps & henges & valves


- Fresh water generator


- Boilers & pressure vessels


- Turbo systems with new technology


- Gel Diesel engine gas


- lashing materials with certificate                                 



Customer Support

Written by Published in modules

You can use our community user forums and mailing lists to get support if you have any issues or questions. Project developers are also active forum members and can help you resolve your issues more quickly.

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